Friday, June 29, 2018


I asked you all for one word to describe your dog.  You are all wonderful!!   So many responded that I couldn't use all the pictures.  WOW!  I'll do another one using more pictures and descriptive words.   
 My Max is almost 15-- Mr.  GRUMPY
 My Kai Kai-- LOYAL
 My Floyd-- GENTLE  💗
 Our Pi-- NANNY
 Jasper-- KIND
 Allie Marie-- PROTECTIVE
 Koko-- HAPPY
 Andy-- SHY
 Buffy-- SWEETHEART  (She will let you do anything to her, she just makes herself limp and makes us carry her around. She can also be a little rascal and will stand off a pit bull because she thinks she owns the street!!!)
 Ollie-- BODYGUARD (who will not let my husband near me and walks in front of me wherever I go while looking back to be sure I’m there!! He is a mess but so loving and sweet!!! He is afraid of being left, has anxiety and afraid of storms but never leaves my side. Waits patiently for me to go to bed.  )
 Bernie-- BRAVE
 Pete-- Complicated
Smokey--Sweet Boy
Dash-- Sweet
And last (today-- there will be more blogs on this) is Lucy Lu-- I love her word:  LIFESAFER!  It doesn't get better than that!

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LadyJicky said...

That is a wonderful "one word" !!!

My one word for Coco is .... Love.
I love her and she just loves me and by husband (who we call "boyfriend" .... when his noisy car comes up the driveway I tell her " Boyfriend is home Coco" and that girl knows!!! LOL