Wednesday, December 19, 2018


 I told Nala we were seeing her vet on Monday.  We go every Monday.   A dog with IMHA can change so fast and she is battling so many issues. 
(We begin the day with her seizures meds-- she gets two meds three times a day.  So, we wake up to meds.  Then seizure meds at 2:30, and again before we go to sleep.  That doesn't count the meds she gets with her meals.  She also has some eye drops to soothe her eye that has demodex around it.  Her paw also has treatment once a day, and a spray for comfort later in the day.   Yes, I schedule errands around her medication schedule.)
 Minnie was going to have a little check up, too.  She needed her ears checked.  So, I put their Christmas shirts/dress on and off we went.   They both were secure in the seat, strapped in.
 Nala said, "Here we are again!"  She knows this place. 
 Minnie is super nervous and was just vibrating.  She thought if she hid under the chair, we wouldn't see her. 
 But, when they took Nala back for some bloodwork, she had to check on her. 
"Where did she go?"
 She sat and waited....
 But, then she went and sniffed and scratched on the door. 
 Nala's demodex is spreading around her eye. 
 It looks rough, but we put soothing drops in her eyes-- there is nothing we can put on the demodex because it is just too close to her eye.  Her bloodwork went up some, so we are reducing her prednisone and hope the demodex will begin to get better.   Treating IMHA is like walking a tightrope.  It's very hard to balance everything.  One step, hope it's right, if not, a step back...  Each dog is different who has this, each treatment is very personal for each dog.  Many/most don't make it as many months as Nala has.  Her sister didn't make it.  But, Nala keeps holding on-- so we keep helping her.  Her paw is bad, but other than occasionally licking it, she doesn't bother it.  We CAN put medicine on her paw, wrap it for an hour and then, take it off for it to air and dry. 
 Once we were, we got back in the car. 
We got home and guess what!   A present arrived for her. Another purse!   (Thanks, Tricia!)
 She realized it squeaked-- yippee! 
 She played with it for awhile and then...
 A box arrived!  (Thanks, Ray and Kandice.)  Wow.   People really love Nala.  She will share, of course!  Lots of pink toys were in it. 
 Nala checked it out.  She walked around the box to see it from different angles.  Such a nosy girl haha.
And then, at the end of the day, we snuggled and looked at the tree, and took a break.  With her improved bloodwork, we are hoping for better results next week, when again, we show up for our Monday "frequent flyer" appointment.   Thank you to all at Acredale Animal Hospital who love Nala and all our fosters dogs who go there!  🎄🎄


LadyJicky said...

Such an intense medical workout for poor Nala but she has love and concern from so many people and .... of course ... more pink purses! Just what a girl wants.

Kisses to you Nala from your Aussie mates XXXX

Carol Lee said...

WOW such dedication.. HUGS