Wednesday, December 5, 2018


 Ellie was only with me one day, but she is so sweet and was already coming to me and wagging her tail.  She's what Robin called "the perfect dog." 
 She had a home to go to and I was the one who got to take her.  What a privilege.
 I had to go to the eastern shore of Virginia and from where I live, there's only one way to get there. 
 The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.   If you don't like long roads over water, you won't like it. 
 It's 17.5 miles long.  That's LONG.  And when you get to the tunnel, it's skinny and it's two way-- so BIG trucks are passing you going the other way at 55 MPH.  Yep, it is not for the timid driver.  But, the views are stunning. The sun over the water-- wow.   I got these pictures off the internet-- because, NO, I wasn't taking pictures while I was driving! LOL
 I arrived with Ellie and just like every good Peke parent, Marion got right down on the floor.  Water bowl was ready, toys were out, love was there.
 This couple has a lot of experience with Pekes-- and they adore them.   Ellie/Clancy Marie will have everything she needs or wants. 
 Denise bought her a beautiful sweater to wear to her new home.  And I added a little bandana, so she has several bows on and looked so precious.
 Ellie checked out every bit of the house-- she was making sure she knew her way around.   And I found out, she is going to sleep in the middle of the king sized bed and so she had to check that out, too.
 I only had Ellie/Clancy Marie for one day and night to transport her.  But, like the others who helped with her, I saw how perfect she was.  Happy, tail wagging, sweet girl. 
 She will have monthly spa days, and I know she will love that. 
 Are you happy, sweet girl?  I think so!
 And your new parents are ecstatic and thrilled and grateful for their new little girl.  The best Christmas present ever!
I love rescue-- I can love so many and then pass that love on-- in the form of a Pekingese ready for a home.  💜💙❤️

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LadyJicky said...

Oh boy .... a big bed to sleep in and monthly spa's ...... Wow!
What a happy family they all make .

Oh that bridge Linda ... spectacular !!