Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Ollie was my foster boy in 2006.  I can't believe he's about 14 now.   His mom and dad have an incredible house at Christmas!  I've seen it twice and am always amazed.   Here's a blog I did on it:  Must Love Pekes: JOY'S CHRISTMAS HOUSE
Here he was when I had him- just look at that sweet face!!  He was about three when I had him.
He lives in Virginia, and we had a little snow.   More may come later-- but we usually get it after Christmas.
Ollie loves his sister, Buffy.  They always have the cutest harnesses on!
Ollie may be older, but he still has his mom's heart.
They both are so loved and they enjoy all the Christmas decorations.
Their mom's name is Joy-- and her house is full of ornaments and decorations that say JOY.   It's an amazing place to visit.
I think Buffy is wondering what she and Ollie will get for Christmas this year.   I'm sure it will be wonderful.
In the meantime, Ollie just wants to know what this funny thing is!
 Have a happy Christmas!!


LadyJicky said...

Oh they are so cute and you have snow!

Lost Earring said...

What a morning upper, a Christmas story with stars Ollie and Buffy in their JOYful home. Ollie & Buffy reminds me of how a loving home, adequate food and shelter can change the plight of a rescued dog.

Thanks to the rescuer, the foster, professional medical care and then the adoptive parents are all the things that bring the stories to us.

And the rescuer is the key I think when a Peke is ready for their Furever Home. The rescuer must make that final judgement call on who adopts these babies and while I've never been in that situation I am sure it's a tough decision a good deal of the time and a job that I question my ability to carry out that job.