Friday, December 2, 2016


 I have a friend named Joy and she has adopted two Pekes from us.   Ollie and Buffy.
 They both have special harnesses and their mom decorates her house for Christmas and it is magnificent!
 Joy is very creative-- just look at her necklace.
 Because of her name, she has "Joy" ornaments and decorations all over!
 One tree has ornaments that are Joy-- the Joy Tree.
 She has signs that are Joy.
 Snowmen with Joy written on them.
 Almost every room has a tree that is full of decorations!
 There are carolers singing.
 There is a hand-painted Santa-- life size!
There are signs that say Joy.
 If you click on the picture, you can see it in larger form.  Her trees are AMAZING!
 All of the house is like a Christmas wonderland and I went a few times to see it.  
 I have met the most amazing people in rescue, and Joy and her husband Don, are two of them.
 I took my grandkids one year to see her home-- they were in awe.
 Lit- up houses....
 Delicate home made ornaments in a bowl.
 Manger scenes....
 You want to just stand and look at each tree for a long time, gazing at the many ornaments--
 There are so many to see!
 It's a wonderful place to visit and I wish I could go this year.  
 You can become like a child again just walking through her home, and the spirit of Christmas surrounds you.
 Ollie and Buffy just take it in stride.
 After all, it's their home and it's full of love all year round.
 Buffy thinks so!  See more tomorrow!

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LadyJicky said...

What a beautiful Christmas House!!!
Of course Joy would be everywhere !! :)
Its just Spectacular ... from one room to another!!!