Friday, December 9, 2016


 I'm going to use this picture twice-- why?  Because it shows how far this little man has come.  
 When he came from the shelter, we honestly did not know if he would make it.   You can see missing hair, eye ulcers and infection.   You can't see an infected mouth with bad teeth, and a dog who was near death.
 At his foster home, he was getting the best care possible-- but then he needed to stay with the vet who could give him medication 24/7.   He needed it every two hours-- and we foster moms/dads are just not able to handle that kind of schedule for more than a few days.  
 The staff fell in love with him.  He got pain meds in his eyes and that really helped.   He received fluids and medication, appetite stimulant and other medications that helped him begin to make progress, to turn that direction away from losing to winning.
 He was cuddled a lot at the vet, and his tail began to wag all the time.  He was eating up the love he was getting.  He was definitely a favorite patient there.  (We love our vets!)
 He was able to go home to his foster mom after he had a dental on Monday.  It had to be done.  Even though he needed to heal more, if those bad teeth weren't removed, it would hinder him from healing more.   Bad teeth and mouth infection can lead to serious heart issues.  (That is why Floyd has a grade 5 heart murmur.  His mouth was horrendous.)
 Prince has been on some walks and he loves it!!  He is actually running from tree to tree, and checking out all the smells!    We would have never thought he would be able to do this a week ago.  Kim, his foster mom, said he is quite a character and his personality is starting to come out.   He is eating well (last week, he wouldn't eat at all).   He loves walking around his foster home, and adores his dog bed!  He is so sweet and we believe he is going to not only make it, but thrive!!   He is taking his eye drops with no issues.   YAHOO.   Thank you to everyone who has donated to his care.   We could not do this without you!  We believe Prince is going to have victory over his past life and have a wonderful future!

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LadyJicky said...

This is so great to read !!!
I was very worried about Prince but he is really rallying with all the fantastic care and love you are all giving him.

You know Linda ... I bet this boy will be very handsome when his coat is grown out and all the goodness of great food is in his body!!!