Saturday, December 10, 2016


 Magnolia came into rescue over four years ago.   She went to live with a sweet friend of mine and has had the best life ever since!
 She is loved and pampered.
 Oh, look at this face-- could you resist pampering her?
 Magnolia's mom, Fiona,  was having fun with her-- and Magnolia wasn't impressed!  LOL
You see, her mom and dad had pizza and she was being her cutest self to get some.  But, they didn't share!   She got warm green beans and pumpkin with her kibble.   No matter how cute she was, her ploy just didn't work.  Poor girl-- NOT!   She is so cherished-- and pizza just isn't good for her.   Now, to convince HER of that!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh she is so sweet and I wonder .... how long did she put up with the scarves on her ???
Coco would have flipped them off pronto!!!