Saturday, December 17, 2016


 I always HOPE that my blog....
 will bring JOY to those who read it.
 I try to have happy pictures to make you smile.   Max and Starlight are sitting on a friend's lap-- and even Starlight behaved herself.
 At Christmas, it's even more fun for me because I love Christmas.   Putting pictures of my home, my Pekes is just fun to do and share.
 We even have a little doggy tree with blue lights on it-- the big tree has white lights.
 I always put out the manger scene that my girls made when they were in pre-school.   There's an angel, Mary, Joseph, a camel ("it's a dromedary"), and two Jesus'-- one is long and skinny and for 3 decades, we have called him "hot dog Jesus."  It is NOT meant in a negative way at all.  (So please don't take offense.)   It makes us smile every time we see it because it was one of my small daughters who made it when she was 3 or 4 and I love it!
 We have a tree on the porch and Christmas flags.
 The lights are decorated and the rolling pin basket has a bow and a copy of "The Pokey Little Puppy's Christmas."
 My lighted houses are put on top of my grandmother's "china closet."  (She was a farm wife, and I'm sure there was no china in this, but it's a sweet memory to have it in my home.)
 A few friends came over and we always sit on the floor-- that's the ONLY way that Starlight will visit.
 Kai Kai enjoyed a snuggle.
 And Starlight even gave kisses.   We love to share, especially this time of year.
Chumley is patiently waiting for Christmas to come because "his girl" "The Viking/aka Bitty Bit" will be here for a few days.   We will have so much fun.   What does your home look like for Christmas?

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LadyJicky said...

Your house looks beautiful and festive Linda!!!!