Sunday, December 18, 2016


 Robin is ready for Christmas!  Her tree is up and her dogs are really trying to be nice, not naughty.
 Corkey, though. welllll.   He is definitely on the naughty list.  He does not want to play in reindeer games or Christmas dress up!
 My house looks like this now-- I need to wrap!  I can see Robin is busy, too.
Robin's little red "bug" is all set, too.  I bet this gets attention as she drives around-- it would bring a lot of smiles.
 Brewster is one of Robin's older boys-- and he is so cherished.   I hope he has a wonderful Christmas!
Nicky is the latest addition to her family-- a senior Peke who needed a home.   He is ready for Christmas and definitely on the nice list!   My Pekes are mostly on the nice list-- except for a few "odd moments."  Are yours on the nice or naughty list?


LadyJicky said...

Oh isn't that Nicky a beautiful fluffy white Peke!!!

So far .... Coco is being "nice" ... and that is all I will say ... for now!
We will see when we get to the Vet on Thursday ....scratched her eye last week and she is being nice with the meds but ... will she be Nasty at the Vets with her review ??????

Lost Earring said...

My three Furs alternate to see who can get on and off the Naughty list several times a day. Today all three went for the Naughty by escaping from the laundry room before they were toweled down after getting crazy in the rain when they went for their morning pee break. We couldn't get the laundry room/bathroom door closed fast enough so they shot through the bathroom into the bedroom for a rowdy game of fight on the bed before we got around to making the bed so it's changing sheets two days in a row here.

Then they shot into the living room for another rowdy sofa bounce game with Husband right behind them with the drying towel. When he yelled STOP they all shot into the office and hid under my desk which they think is a safety zone after misbehaving.