Friday, December 30, 2016



Thank you,Piggy and Sebastian! See your picture at the bottom!

Diane sent a donation in memory of her precious Peke, Prissy, who passed away in August of 2015.  
Tinsley made a donation to help our Pekes.  He was adopted from us in 2013, after he became a "foster failure."    
He wants to help the Pekes in rescue now!
 My heart was touched tonight.  I received a message from Ginger-- she was making a donation in memory of sweet Lexie, my foster girl who died of IMHA.
 I loved her so much-- and she was quite a warrior in her battle.   In fostering her, with this disease, she taught me so much about IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) and about life.
I am making a donation in memory of my daughter's Pandy.   She was about 17 when she died this year and she was so loved by my daughter.  
Sweet Doolin and Gizzy-- they just love each other!
 Gracie Lu came to me after her mom died in 2008.   Jane fostered her and then adopted her and Gracie had a wonderful life.  She passed away last year, but she lives on in the love her mom had for her.   Jane made a donation in her memory and in Joyful Grace's memory.   I'm sure they are both playing in heaven now!  Joyful below, probably still has a lot of outfits there!
 If you make a donation of any amount this month or/and next month, and send me a picture of your dog/dogs, I'll post their picture on this blog, which will be reposted every few days as new pictures/donations come in.   I hope it ends up being a really long blog!   You can make a donation in memory of one of your beloved Pekes, or for one that you have now.   It can be to honor someone you love.   Once you make a donation, send me a picture/name of your pet to   We want to end this year with JOY!
 My crew wanted to make a donation in memory of Joyful Grace.   Kai Kai and Chumley are both PVPC alumni (they all are!) and they want to help.
Whoops, that's not a Peke, but she loves the Pekes here.
Floyd wants the end of the year donations to come on in.
Starlight, the Princess, thinks her cuteness might help.
Max doesn't care either way haha.
Tucker's family is making a donation, too, so maybe I can get a picture of his entire doggy family.
Paws, Barbara Mudd's heart dog, is now on our list!  His mom made a donation to help our Pekes.  She is becoming active in helping us with rescue and has a lot of knowledge that is great!!  
 Emily's Pekes, Drizzle and...
 Newman are monthly supporters of our rescue.   THANK YOU!!   It's amazing how you can become good friends with someone and never actually have met them!
 Bonnie's Dickens know how wonderful it is to have a forever home.
 Coco is an Australian Peke-- a rescue-- and lives with my good friend, Melinda.
 Rita's pups, Ladybug, Patches and Cupcake.  They all died within 18 months of each other at ages, 13, 14 and 10.
I know they took part of her heart with them.
 Gizzy was a foster that they took in and they have done a tremendous job with him!!  Gizzy and Doolin, his brother, help us each month.
And Doolin LOVES having a friend!!
 Dee sent a donation to honor her sweet girl, Mazie, and to in memory of...
Girl-Girl and Pooh.   All beautiful Pekes!!   
Thank you to Freddie and his parents for sending a donation to help our Pekes!!   You are the best, Freddie!!
Ann has supported our group for years.  She had a beautiful Peke named Princess. She loved her little purse!!  Princess is no longer with her, but always remembered.   
Kay and Claretta sent in a donation as we end our "Joyful Year."   They have fostered and adopted, at one time, telling us to "give us your toughest dog."   We did!   Here they are, clockwise, beginning at "4."  Domino (yep, he was a trip while we had him!), Beau (oh, I love this boy!), Tucker, Tina, Pop, Maggie and Teddy.   
 The 7 Pekes have a beautiful Doberman sister named Tori.  I just couldn't leave her out!  She just thinks she is a very big Peke!! :-)
 Amee sent in a donation in memory of Joyful Grace, and her beloved girls, Darby and Macy.  This is Lexie, one of her Pekes now.
 Amee also wanted to honor Lexie and Mollie.   Mollie is so beautiful and little-- and she sometimes thinks she is the boss.  (Hmmm, this sounds familiar!)
 Amee's Drill Bit with the Pekes-- she and I both have Drill Bits!
Harley Marie is ready to look for all things Christmas-- of course, she lets her mom go along.   Harley was one of my foster dogs and SO adorable.   I love getting updates.  
Micky and Madeline were both adopted from us and live near me.   Their mom and dad came over yesterday to visit and see our Pekes.   Madeline and Micky wanted to give a donation to help our Pekes.  Thank you!
Doris, Weezie and Teddy sent a donation-- Doris crochets and did a fundraiser to help us with our vet bills.   We really appreciate her for doing this.   
This sweet one is Pupfy-- he belonged to Robert and a donation was made in his memory.   He was Robert's heart and is so missed.  
 Celeste's pets sent in a donation to help our foster Pekes-- Chi'in  has a great profile!
 Chi'in and Marco share a stroller, and their sister....
 HsiaHsia all wanted to help other Pekes-- Hsia Hsia was also a rescue.
Even their cat Milo wanted to help!!  Thank you, Celeste!
Katie and Louie's mom, Deana, wanted to help us with our foster Pekes.   They were both adopted from us!
Beth and David sent in a donation in memory of their former foster, Amelia, Fiona and Bill's beloved girl.  Ted, Lily, Missy and Cosi posed for the picture!
 Chris and Steve sent in a donation in memory of their three sweet Pekes.   Bogie and Lafite were litter mates.
 Lafite, looking out the Christmas window, is one of my favorite Christmas pictures ever.
Their sister, Lacy, joined them in heaven a few weeks ago.  All three are dearly missed by their parents.   Run free, sweet ones.   
 Archer's mom sent in a donation to celebrate her two year adoptaversary with him.  
She also wanted to make the donation in memory of Tofu, her mom's Peke mix.  He was a sweet boy and so missed.  
Pudgie and Schmoo didn't want to be left out of the Joyful Year blog.   They were also on today's blog (Christmas Pekes-- Naughty or Nice  Click here: Must Love Pekes: CHRISTMAS PEKES -- NAUGHTY OR NICE?.)   I hope they can handle all the smiles they are bringing to so many people!
Teddy's mom sent in a donation in memory of her precious boy, who passed away today (12-15-16), at  15 years old.   
King Henry was older when he was adopted from us and he was greatly loved by his mom, Pati.   She made a donation to honor his life with her.   He was a sweet boy.   
 Claudette sent me pictures of her sweet girls-- Poppy and her sister...
Peggy.   They want to continue helping the foster Pekes in our rescue.   
Sadie and Evie have a special person who made a donation and I put their picture to say THANK YOU!!   People have been amazingly generous this year.  
Joshua was one of my fosters and such an incredibly sweet  boy.   He was adopted and has had a wonderful life.  His family is very pro-rescue!
Jane made a donation in memory of her friend, Weaver Jordan--  John Henry was the faithful dog watching over him when he was sick.   What a sweet friend to stay close to his loved one.   
Maddy sent in a donation to help the dogs in our care right now!  Maddy was a foster and has the most wonderful home!  Thank you, Maddy-- and your mom and dad of course. :-)
Anna sent in a donation (and her mom, too!) to help our foster dogs.   THANK YOU!!  I can see you had a wonderful Christmas!!
Genise's sweet girls-- Coco and Penny-- a donation was made in their memory, forever loved.
Rupert sent in a donation for his special friend, along with his mom, Jane.   Thank you!!
 Piggy and his brother, Sebastian, below....
both passed away this year, within months of each other.   Their mom wanted to make a donation in their memory.  They were loved so much.   Thank you, Lara and Barbara.

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Lost Earring said...

What a walk down a year with beautiful Joyful Grace and all those who live on in our hearts as well as our rescue babies who occupy our hearts and homes now.

And what a job rescue does to make this all happen.

It has been a very very hard year but our hearts stay steady and our prayers still encompass those that we care so much for in their hours of need of solace, healing and comfort knowing so many of us appreciate, love and support them.