Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Aria and Bella are posing with the Naughty sign.   I can't believe they've been bad this year.  I know there are times when Pekes are naughty!  But, most of the time, I think they are nice.  What do you think?
I love the pictures I am getting on facebook, emails or messages to put on my Christmas Pekes' blogs!   My Max was resting on the Santa Claus afghan-- when Sugar Bit's toy "went off."  It has buttons to push and sounds or words come out.   Max was somehow hitting the buttons-- and when that toy talked, it really got his attention!
Bruce was adopted from us-- and look how adorable he is!!  He and his brother, Harvard were adopted from us five years ago when they were almost 6.   Can they be 11 now?  My goodness!
Harvard is so precious-- he is bonded with his brother and that's why we kept them together.   They have a GREAT home with Lisa.
Lisa also adopted Jake.  He was in need of a home and Lisa stepped up to help.  I don't know if he is looking for presents already, but....
He did take time to pose for a Christmas picture.
Ida  posted this of Jasper and two of her Pekes.  Who's under that tree??
Lil' Callie was in my blog the other day, but I just saw this-- I could not resist posting this wonderful picture of her.  OH, what a Christmassy outfit!
Freddie is another Peke star-- he has been Santa to a lot of Pekes and other dogs, too.  His Freddie's Finds is like a Christmas gift every month!
Pudgie and Schmoo were hamming it up when their dad, Mark, was trying to take "serious pictures."  They weren't cooperating.
This is the result-- It's kind of serious haha.   I love Christmas Pekes!!   Send more pictures to my facebook!
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