Wednesday, December 28, 2016


 Max was one of my foster dogs in 2005-- one of the first I rescued.  
 When I write a farewell on one of my fosters, it is even harder because they have taken part of my heart with them and I have loved them.
 Max joined Uggie/Ugs who became his very best doggie friend.
 Max and Uggie were so great with their babies-- they had two human siblings who grew to love their dogs so much.
 Max visited with me a few times, but he was always happier with his family.   I could not have found a better place for him to be.   His mom was such an inspiration to me in her faith, love and family.   I was so honored that she stayed in touch.  
 Max was almost 14 and he began to be very sick.  Everything was done, but he went into liver failure and some things just cannot be fixed.   They gently let him go tonight.
My heart is broken for his family-- and I know they will all miss him, including his doggy brother, Uggie.   He can now play with his litter brother, Bailey, who went before him, and find other rescue Pekes there to play with.  Run free now, sweet sweet Max.   We love you.

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