Wednesday, December 7, 2016


 My little helper at the vet.....
 When I have my grandkids and need to go to the vet, guess what?
 They go with me!    Sugar Bit went and Beach Bit hung out with my sister next door.
 We checked out a few puddles first.
 Bubbles was thinking, "are we here again?"
 I'm pretty used to this place!   You can see how swollen his eye area is.
 He would much rather be home having a tummy rub!
But, we're here again.
 He was so good there.... He even let his eye be examined and was good!  
But, he would rather dream of being home, watching Floyd on the Christmas bed.
I know that his eye will heal.   The vet says his eye ball is fine-- no ulcers or abrasions.    He probably had a bug bite.   He was going to have nasal fold (eye fold) surgery today, but that has been put off for two weeks.  
On the way home, Bumbles jumped to the floor of the back seat, then up onto the seat to sit by Sugar Bit.  I guess she is much more fun than I am.    Don't worry little guy, your eye will be fine.  It just takes time.   Then, you can go to your new home and get lots of attention.   You'll just get there a little later than we thought.
For now, I'll enjoy him here for a little longer!  He's such a sweet boy!   Thank you to Dr. Evans and Dr. Courtney for their amazing care of him!


LadyJicky said...

Oh yes Mr B does need the eye fold surgery and I am so glad his eye has no ulcers etc.

I would LOVE Mr Bumbles as you know Linda ..... does he have a passport?

Unknown said...

HOORAY! I am so happy to hear that he will be fine. Give him a kiss on top of his head for me.

Unknown said...

I totally IN LOVE with this little man ! If I weren't soooo many miles away, I would be begging to adopt !