Sunday, December 11, 2016


Farewell to a sweet boy....
 Douggy came to me from a local shelter in March of 2010.  
 He was turned in by his owner-- he was in pretty rough shape.   He needed skin help, and breathing treatments.   My vet loaned me the nebulizer so I could do this at home.  (Acredale Animal Hospital, Virginia Beach, VA)   He had a sore on his nose from trying to get out of the shelter cage.  That was all behind him....a new life had begun.
 He healed and began to thrive.   He loved to get on things.  The ottoman...
 the dining room chair....
 even little chairs.
 He found comfortable places to sleep and rest and get better.
 A woman near me saw a video of him and fell in love!   He was adopted and lived over six years with her.   He was about 8 when we got him, so he was going on 15.   He developed some health issues that could not be overcome, even with all the care he was given.  
His mom sent me a message:   "My heart is broken. I lost my sweet Douggy. He brought such joy to my life. Thank
you Potomac Valley Pekingese. And especially Linda Maxwell for introducing me to such a wonderful breed of dog. Douggy will be in my heart forever."

Farewell little one-- you will be missed, but now you can play with all the Pekingese there. RUN FREE, SWEET DOUGGY!

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