Friday, July 24, 2015


 Lexie came to me last June, 2014.  She was kept in a pen in the backyard-- but her life changed when she entered my home.  
 She was a very sick girl.  She was diagnosed with IMHA, hemolytic anemia.   If you want to know about this disease, go to:  Click here: Canine Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)    We call these little ones fighting this disease IMHA Warriors and Lexie was one-- she was a little Warrior.
 She kept fighting-- she would tell us-- DON'T GIVE UP when things are hard.
 Her tongue was pale, showing us that her red blood count was very low.  But, she took time to sit on the chair outside and enjoy the sunshine.   We should do the same.
 She began to feel better and she learned to jump for treats.   The lesson-- let yourself jump for joy and treats (cookies, cupcakes, pieces of chocolate, Starbucks coffee!).
 There  were times she wanted to be on her own-- and she found a hidey place under the ottoman.  Lesson-- it's okay to take time to be by yourself.
 She celebrated Christmas with us-- and had her own stocking!   Lesson-- Enjoy the holidays!
 Lexie took time to sit by the tree-- we can get so busy at Christmas that we forget to do that.  Lexie didn't.
 She loved her little tennis ball and made sure she took time to play.   Make sure you take time to play sometimes.  Have a Lexie moment!
 If you've played a lot....
 It's okay to take a rest.   Lexie loved her bed and special blanket from Jackie.
 She found little places to rest-- maybe a bed, or under an end table, or up on our bed.   It's okay to find these special places to rest.
 We dressed her up at one of our meetings and she sat on a soft pillow by the fireplace.
 She wasn't too sure what was going on, but she kept her eyes on me and knew she was fine.   She knew I would always protect her.
Lesson:   It's okay to trust someone.    This is one of my favorite pictures of her.
 She kept warm in the winter with an assortment of sweaters.   It was okay that no one else had a sweater-- and it's okay not to be like everyone around you.   Just be yourself.
 She wore a coat over her sweater to go outside.   She did not have the ability to stay warm like the rest (and we were never out for long).   I took special care of her to make sure she was safe.  
 She even took her ball outside-- she let me know it's okay to keep special things with you.  It may be something on your keychain (her name tag will be on mine),  a special necklace. a momento.  You can keep special things in your heart, too.
 She would gaze at me, and we adored each other.    If you have someone you adore, it's okay to let them know that.
 Lexie received some presents-- she loved it!   So, if you have someone special, it's okay to let them know, by a note, by a present, by an email or a facebook message.   Let people know they are special.
 One of my favorite things is a portrait of Lexie that was painted by my friend, Elizabeth.   I will always cherish this.    Elizabeth loved Lexie, as did many of you.  That love kept her going for a long time.  It kept me going when her care for hard.   Her medication schedule was on a chart-- she had medication throughout the day.   It was okay.  I was blessed to do it.
 I will cherish my memories of Lexie.   I think we all have special memories-- and it's okay to take time to to spend remembering.
 Lexie loved to be held-- it's okay to take time to hold our special ones-- whether they are 2 legged or 4 legged.
 Bitty Bit loved to hold Lexie-- and Chumley and Starlight...
 There were times where Lexie just needed rest-- there are times I need to just stop and rest, too.   I need to give myself permission to do that.   Dogs know how--we should, too.
 Lexie loved her playpen-- to eat in the one in our study or sleep in the one in our bedroom.   She graduated to sleeping on our bed, and didn't use the playpen as much, but it gave her a safe place where others could not bother her.   Safe places are okay-- sometimes, we need those, too.
 She also found places under things-- under tables, under chairs, under my desk (she was always near me).   It good to protect yourself-- it's okay to be out of the way, where you can just watch life.   It's okay to be an observer.   Lexie taught me that.   You don't have to go 100 mph all the time.    Step back, just watch.
 I loved my girl-- this week, I held her close a lot (I held her a lot the entire 13 months she was with me).   Yes, I was tired, there were circles under my eyes, but I did not care-- putting her first was the most important thing to me.   It's okay to step back, put all you have into something or someone every once in a while.   Part of our journey is taking care of others-- people and dogs.   Sometimes, it is exhausting, but when we put ourselves into positions of care, it's okay.   We will rest later.  
 She was so precious--
 Lexie had times of being dressed up-- so don't forget to set things aside, dress up and have fun.   Life is for loving, caring, stepping back, dressing up, putting others first and sometimes putting yourself first.    Lexie taught me a lot.
 I'm so glad I had this past 13 months with Lexie.   I wish it had been longer-- a lot longer. She was only 6 years old when she died.   But, she was sent to me for a season-- and we loved each other immensely.   I was so honored to be her foster mom.   Her real mom.   I loved her.


lady jicky said...

So many lessons I have learnt from dear sweet Lexie .

How I wish you had more time with Lexie ... but I am so glad she found you Linda and she had a caring and loving life even though she went to the Vets a lot ... she went there with you !

Linda said...

Tricia sent me this-- precious! "I just can't get Lexie off my mind--Sophie is laying in my lap and all I can think about is that sweet little girl who's an angel now playing with all the doggies at the bridge. No more IMHA, no more meds, no more vets -- just playing with other doggies and eating Chick-Fil-A. She's with Scooterbug, Cranberry, Chloe, Moi Moi and all the other Bridge doggies who said "Hey Lexie! Welcome to the Bridge and come play with us!"

All the boy doggies are saying "look at this HOT chick who just arrived--she is gorgeous!! Check out her freckles!"

And she is looking down and saying "There is my furever mom Linda. She loved me like no other human ever did. I'll be here when she gets here"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Lexie life celebration. I'm so happy that she had someone who cared deeply for her in her final year. While it was a short time I think it may have wiped out the bad years for her. She knew love in a happy home with an angel who truly cared no matter how bad it got she had someone pulling for her...NO...she had many who cared and followed her life in a good home.

Unknown said...

Made me tear up... So glad she knew real love in her life. But you are a wonderful person with lots of love to give ((((( Big hugs ))))))

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Like Rita said, I think she had so much love her year with you that the rest of her life was a dim memory. And now she's being a feisty spunky girl with all new friends. :)