Tuesday, July 21, 2015


 Lexie did not feel well over the week-end.  She has her ups and downs and on the whole, she has done very well for a dog with IMHA-- hemolytic anemia.
 There is a site for people who have dogs with this disease and we call them Warriors!  
 Lexie's stomach was inflamed yesterday.   It happened over night.  Her skin is very thin, from all the meds and the disease.    She will have to begin wearing a belly band to protect it.  
 Bloodwork was done on Monday and it was off.   Her electrolytes were not right, so she had to get an IV and spend the day at the vet.
 There is a Chick-fil-a next door, so I went over and got some broiled chicken to entice her to eat.  She did eat a piece, in tiny bites, and then she was done.   But, they gave her more later and she ate the rest.
 I brought her home last night for the night and her IV is still in.   She has to return to  the vet today for more IV fluids and medication.
 I don't like leaving her-- she always watches me closely when they are taking her to the back-- it really gets to me, but I know it is best for her.  But, my heart...
I just love this little girl!   Get better, sweet one!

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lady jicky said...

Oh sweet Lexie ..... I am praying for you.