Friday, July 10, 2015


  I wanted to do some quick updates.   Festus-- just look at this sweet boy.   He was adopted in 2012 and is doing so well.  He is a great foster brother and has brightened the lives of those who have been lucky enough to meet him.   His ears usually stand up a bit-- adorable!
 He had a bath yesterday-- they look so funny and cute when they are all wet.   He seems very okay with this.
Hurricane had a bath, too.   He was totally insulted.  That lasted a few moments until he fell asleep haha.    He is still in foster care.   
 And an update on sweet Bella.   She was adopted on Wednesday and is so loved already.   Her mom put her in a little bed next to their bed-- that lasted 3.2 seconds until Bella-- now Bella Ann-- decided she should sleep IN the bed.   And she did.
 In the morning, she got up and watched the news with her new mom.
 Then, her mom dressed her up to go meet her grandmom and aunt-- I love her dress!   Can we say this little girl will be very spoiled?   I think so!   Just what I want for every foster dog we have.  

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lady jicky said...

Oh they are all just adorable and so glad to hear about Bella Anne.