Monday, July 27, 2015


 Roxy and Daisy have been in rescue a week now.   They are both so sweet.
 They were matted some and the easiest (and coolest) thing to do was to give them summer cuts.
 I could not tell them apart (in pictures) once they were trimmed down, but there is a 6 pound difference in them, so in person, I could tell them apart.  
 Even their bandanas matched!
 After their grooming, it was time for rolling around.  Oh, that was so much fun!
 Are you done?
 Daisy finally decided it was time for a nap.   She is feeling better this week-end.   She had her teeth cleaned last week and lost 19 teeth!   She has 7 left.  Her mouth was in awful condition (the worst I've seen), but she is doing great and finally able to enjoy her food now.  
Daisy has decided to share a bed with Hurricane.   Seminole and Hurricane slept together, but since Seminole died, Hurricane has slept by himself.  Now, he just might have a new buddy!    I'm so glad!   Roxy and Daisy will be available for adoption soon!


lady jicky said...

Oh my gosh ...teeth are so much trouble for Peke's !!!!!

lady jicky said...

Oh my Linda..... they are so sweet and I am doing my adoption dance so those two cuties are together for ever!!!