Monday, July 20, 2015


 I went to Sherry's home to meet Roxy and Daisy when they got there.   Sherry is going to foster them-- she is also Huri's foster mom.   Former foster Henry was visiting!   He was wagging and happy when I arrived!   He lives across the street from his former foster mom.
 Festus was there, too.  He is so cute, with his perky ears!   I could just kiss him!
 Huri (Hurricane) was there, laid back, hanging out in his bed.    He was Seminole's brother, and he seems to be doing well since his brother passed away.
 When Roxy and Daisy arrived, of course, out came my camera.   Roxy is blind, and we'll have her eyes checked out at the vet today.   It was too late to take them to the vet on Saturday.
 Daisy was a cutie, and she was checking out her new surroundings.
 She came up to me for a greeting and some attention.  She is very sweet.    She needs to go on a diet. :-)
 Roxy gets around very well, even though she has no sight.   I've told people how well blind dogs adjust-- and they do.
 Festus was checking out their toys as they were unloaded.   NEW TOYS!
 Daisy was exploring.
 Henry was just interested in having new friends.
 Roxy seems very sweet, with a big smile.
 Her eyes are in pretty rough shape, so we've already begun eye drops to lubricate them.  
 She'll feel better when she has some moisture in her eyes.
These two will be available for adoption soon.  Stay tuned for updates!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda ... Roxy and Daisy are so sweet and I hope they find a lovely home together.

I am doing my Adoption Dance for them both and wish them well at the Vets!!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Daisy needs to go on a diet? Just give her a summer haircut and she will probably lose at least 2 pounds! Love all of the Peke pics!