Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Gizmo is a 5 year old Peke who was an owner turn in this month.   Look at that face!  
He was a little unsure-- he had been in his home since he was a puppy.  The owner said she no longer had enough time to give him.  
I think he likes his foster daddy!   He has time for Gizmo.
Gizmo has settled right in-- and he does fine with the other dogs there.  
He brought his bed and toys, and he is fine with sharing them.  
He found an available lap and climbed right up!
He met Timothy and Hazel, the two donkeys at his foster home.  They sure don't look like Pekingese, do they Gizmo.
He also met the cat who lives there and was not impressed-- but he wasn't bothered either. :-)
At the end of the day, he curled up in his bed and fell fast asleep.   When you have a busy life, that's what you do!    If you are interested in adopting Gizmo, just let us know!    Click here: Home - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

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lady jicky said...

How can you not have time for Gizmo?? He is just so beautiful Linda!

OK .... doing the Adoption Dance right now.

* I do love those donkeys by the way too !!!!