Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 I love Pekes.   I love all Pekes-- but there are some who touch my heart is a different way.
 One of those is sweet Tyler.    He was adopted from us when his mom and dad  lived in Virginia.
 They moved to California and his mom, Lisa, began to rescue Pekes and Peke mixes out there.  
 Tyler came to our rescue with a group of dogs who needed our help.
So, he had first hand experience with being a foster dog who needed help.
After he and his brother, Maxwell moved to California,  I called them the Hollywood Pekes.   Maxwell passed away in 2013 and is still missed, I know.
Maxwell is getting older now-- he's the old gentleman who helps his mom and dad take care of all those needy dogs who come to them for care.
Tyler even shares his bed with them, which I know makes them feel safer.
He encourages those fosters who are beginning their rescue journey.   He lets them know that e-collar won't be on for long.
He likes to rest a lot-- he's older.  I think most of us would like to join him!
He supervises doggy door time.  They can guard the street, watch for the mailman, discourage burglars, watch for Dad and Mom to come home.   Dad does the shopping, so I know they really watch for him! :-)
Tyler has always had a face that I just want to kiss.  
Your family loves you Tyler!   And so do I!

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lady jicky said...

Tyler is such a good boy and such a help too!