Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 This isn't a Peke-- I bet you know that.  I met her today.
 Mama and four puppies (and 3 other dogs) were found a few days ago.   In the summer, in the heat.....  
 My friend is fostering them (no they are not part of our rescue) and asked me to help with some trim work.   Of course, I would!   Come on over!    They named this 6.7 pounds Maltese Sophie.   (I thought, she is going to get a great home just like my foster, Sophie, who was just adopted.)
 We don't know who the daddy is for the puppies, but they sure are cute!    They weigh 15 ounces to 17 ounces.   OH MY!
 Mama Sophie didn't mind us holding them or petting her.   She is thin and loved the attention.   I had some A.D. food here, so I opened it and let her lick it off my fingers.   I think I will go get some more.   We were able to get some huge, matted hair balls off her, but she needs more work.   We'll do more tomorrow and trim a few more nails.  Don't want to stress her too much.  Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not good at hair trimming-- but this little girl doesn't care.  
 I am just glad to help where I can.    I even went to get my neighbor who has two Maltese and LOVES them.   We had a little party in the garage (with a fan on the dogs) holding, trimming, feeding, loving...
Pekingese are my favorite breed, but I was happy to love on this little mama and her pups.   What a treat!

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lady jicky said...

How can someone do that!

Well .... I am so glad wonderful people picked them up and they will be saved!

Linda .... there is a product that is made in the USA - easy for you to get ... its called Cawboy Magic ... its a wonderful detangler and shine product .
They have a web site ... or maybe Ebay.