Thursday, July 23, 2015


 Please indulge me as I share about Lexie's last day.   I will do a blog on Friday to celebrate her life.   Here she was with my Kai Kai.
 Lexie began to not be herself early this week.  
   I knew her "look" was off.   When you have had dogs a long time, you know what is normal.   If may not be anything specific, but you know.
 I took her to the vet and bloodwork showed her electrolytes were way off.  Her liver counts had gone up.
 So, she stayed for the day on Monday and Tuesday.  I brought her home each night, because she was stable and we thought she was doing better.
 Wednesday morning, she showed signs of  having difficulty breathing and swallowing.  Back to the vet.
 They immediately took her back, took blood and listened to her-- then did xrays.   They put her on oxygen.    They let me go to the back to be with her and give her oxygen, pet her and let her know I was close.   When she saw me walk in, she maneuvered to the side of the table and put her head on my arm.   Her eyes fixed on me-- I stayed with her for the next three hours, giving her oxygen, as vets checked on her constantly.   Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach is amazing.   The vets and techs and others who work there have so much compassion.   Since I was in the back, I watched their dedications-- not only to Lexie, but to every pet who was there, for major or minor things.   Their kindness shone.
 With meds, Lexie's lungs began to clear, the crackling began to subside.  She began to have more peaceful breathing.   But, then, it came back. Her lungs began to get fluid in them again, her breathing was more labored.   Other signs were evident-- and I knew we were not going to win this time.    Her body was beginning to shut down.   She had fought the fight-- and she was tired.   She had IMHA/hemolytic anemia.  It is a horrible disease, and so many lose the battle.  
My girl fought so hard, Potomac Valley Pekingese Club was behind me all the way.    Lexie had so many hoping and praying she would make it.    She tried-- we tried.   Saying good-bye to her was so difficult.  I put a little cross on her forehead with my finger, telling her it was okay. (This is something I have always done with my kids, my grandkids and my dogs-- letting the Lord be in charge of their care.)   I would always love her.   She died in my arms--  For all of you who have loved her on this journey with me, thank you.    I will miss my sweet girl.


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda ..... if only I could be with you .
Lexie was a brave girl .. a fighter but .. she must have been so ill.
Lexie will find Moi Moi waiting for her at the rainbow bridge.
I think they will be "best girlfriends" .
Love and Prayers to you all.

Anonymous said...

What a comfort you were for Lexie. Whatever she was facing had to be scary for her but there you were right beside her and helping her confront things that she couldn't face alone. I've been there when our beloved Cupcake passed. I spent her final night in a rocking chair holding her and talking softly with her after our vet said there was little that we could do medically at that point. Her final hour was with both my husband and myself talking with her as she labored through that last and final minutes. We had 13 wonderful years with her and every minute of that time she knew we adored her. When she was laid to rest she was on a satin pillow (she loved silky things) and wearing her favorite and prettiest dress.

My condolences to you but rest well knowing you did everything you could for her.

Toni Davis said...

My heart is breaking for you! Know that you did all you could and that she knows that as well. She will be waiting for you!

Patti Robinson said...

I've been following your posts about Lexie on Facebook. You had such a special loving bond. I've never met her but I'm sobbing reading that she passed. My sincere condolences.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

I am so so sorry, Linda….all her days with you were good, because of your love….