Wednesday, July 29, 2015


 This is Peanut.  Oh, my, the hair!
 He came into rescue after his owner took him to a shelter.    She said "someone else is moving into the house."   So, the dog had to go??  
 His skin was in terrible condition, missing hair all over.
 What you could not see in pictures was the smell-- it was awful.
 He went to Roger and Lucinda's for care until he could go to a foster home.
 He settled right in at Roger/Lucinda's.  
 He got treatment for his skin-- and he began to heal.  
 Lots of baths and medication have helped him.
 Peanut is 8 years old and has blended right in.  
 His hair is starting to come in and his sweet personality is blossoming.
 Oh, I love this!  Look at that    He has been neutered and had a dental.
 He just went to his foster home, so I know I'll get a lot of updates.  
 In fact, he may be visiting me for a week while his family is on vacation.   So, you know I'll take a lot of pictures.  
 He needs drops for dry eye, but that is not unusual for Pekes-- with their eyes, they often need some help with lubrication.   He's very good about it.
 He is only 13 pounds and loves people and other dogs.    As he continues to heal, he will be even more beautiful!
If you want more information on him, just email us at  


lady jicky said...

Coco and I are in love !!!!

lady jicky said...

Oh .... I hit the button before I added this .......

Peanut is the Maurice Chevalier of Peke's !!! With that hat and tie ...

"Thank heaven for Little Girls" .... LOL

Louhead said...

Peanut sure rocks the up-do!!!!