Wednesday, February 7, 2018


 Welcome to rescue, Buttons!
 Buttons is a one year old male Peke, and his owner felt she didn't have enough to give him.  She wanted a better life for him, so she gave him to us.  I think giving up a dog you love has to be so difficult and my heart goes out to her for feeling the need to make this decision.
 Here he is with Nippy-- Nippy is a PVPC alumni and his mom has Buttons for a few days.  Nippy's mom said Nippy is the kindest dog ever and he's being such a good "big brother" to Buttons for the time he is there!
 Buttons gets along with other dogs and he wants to be with someone who has a lot of time for him.   He is very sweet.   Buttons is a big boy at about 18-20 pounds.

Monk is hiding out in his doggy house while Buttons is there.  Buttons is not aggressive at all, but he's very curious about the other dogs.  "Want to be my friend?" :-)
If you are interested in Buttons, please fill out an application on our web site: 

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LadyJicky said...

Oh it must be the hardest thing to do ... give your dog up.

Well that Buttons is as cute as a button and I am doing my Adoption Dance right now for the dear boy :)