Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Nala and BeeBee have been here about three weeks now and they act like they have lived here forever.
They are such sweet girls and were happy from the moment I met them.
If you find one, you find the other.    They have begun to play with toys, balls and tug of war!
They are constantly touching.  It's so sweet.  (BeeBee has on her surgical wrap after her spay surgery.)
I thought Sugar Bit was the one who was messing up the couch.
But, it seems that she is not alone!
Nala is minding her own business, but BeeBee dug her way under the cover and pillows.  LOL
Where did she go?  Behind the pillows!
That was so much fun!!
I think I'll try it again.
And there she goes!
And she's back in the pillow hole.  Nala just waits for her sister to finish her shenanigans haha.
Nala and BeeBee are both five years old, litter mates, very attached to each other.  They both need seizure medication.   They must be adopted together due to their extreme attachment.   If you are interested, fill out an application at www.potomacpekes.org. 


LadyJicky said...

As I have said before .... they are such a sweet sister pair !!!!

Lost Earring said...

Every single photo and story endears these girls to my heart. They could not be any cuter than they are and I pray the right adopter comes along or that they (sorry Linda) become foster failures somehow.

The Klein Klan said...

They are absolutely special I have a sister brother littler pair that are also inseparable and are touching always !! It so special!!! The girls are beautiful and special!!! I wake up each day and can’t wait to see your post of what they are up too! ❤️