Thursday, February 15, 2018


I began the Starlight Fund after a friend suggested it.   All the funds go to help care for our long term and forever fosters.   Tinsley, above, wanted to help us.  His mom and I have been friends for a long time, and she is a foster and shelter volunteer.  Amazing woman!
 Bridget's mom helped, too.   Bridget came to our rescue as a senior and we hoped she would find her forever home.  She did!! 
 Gracie Lu's mom is the one who suggested this fund.   Gracie was cherished by her mom and was so special.  I remember the day I got her in April of 2008.  It began a friendship with her wonderful mom, too. 

 Thea and Thurston were adopted as puppies from us.   So many who adopted continue to help us.  Thank you so much-- we appreciate you!
 Lily and Gracie lives in England-- their mom Elaine has been a facebook friend for awhile and she is Peke lover!!
 Princess' mom continues to help us.   One day, I'm sure she will find another Peke to love, but in the meantime, she encourages us in the work we do in rescue.  Thank you, Ann. 
Piggie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, too.  But, his mom Syndee also continues to help us.
 Zeke is best friends with his new baby.  His mom has adopted from us and continues to encourage us.   Peke lovers are the best!
 Zack is new to his family, but not their first Peke.  They adopted from us years ago and continue to be a friend of our rescue.  They love helping rescues find hope and love. 
Brody, Abner, and Lily have helped us often, too.   And they come to our picnic every year from New York!   Abner was adopted from us and is now a wonderful therapy dog. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to help us.  We can do all this because of you!   You are the ones who help us to carry on!


LadyJicky said...

Hello to Gracie Lu's Mum !!!

Lost Earring said...

Love seeing all of the rescued and adopted babies and hearing about their lives. I fall in love instantly with Pekes and my heart belongs to many I've seen here including little Joyful Grace.