Saturday, February 24, 2018


 Kaci came into rescue in July of 2010.   I'm not sure how old she was, but the "owner" was determined to get rid of her quickly.  I don't usually check Craigslist, but someone sent it to me and I had to help her.
 She was a precious little girl and she was adopted quickly.   She already had some grey, so she wasn't a youngster, but she was full of love.
 She had begun to have issues related to age-- dimentia, not eating, losing weight.  Her pancreas had problems which effected her sugar levels.....  She was beginning to suffer and that was not okay.  Her owner, Linda, loved her and wanted peace for her.   It's the last gift we can give these little ones. 
 As much as we want them to stay, sometimes, we have no options.  She was loved immensely for almost 8 years.
Run free now, sweet girl. 


Lost Earring said...

What a blessing for little Kaci to have 8 wonderful years in a good home with loving parent who put Kaci's well-being before the desire to have her for as long as possible.

Michelle Dibble said...

So precious and heart warming to read this. May God comfort you.
Run free sweet Kaci. i hope you meet my Muffin soon, please let her know that Mommy loves and misses her.

LadyJicky said...

As Lost Earring said .. little Kaci had a wonderful 8 years and I know her Mum Linda will miss her so.