Sunday, February 4, 2018


 Jersey came to rescue in 2011 as a stray from a shelter.
 Paige fostered him and got him all cleaned up. 
 Paige is a huge Saints' fan, so she dressed him up for a game.  She said he was a perfect little man.
 He was quickly adopted by Lisa and had a wonderful life with her. 
 He had such an adorable face.
 He was a wonderful little boy and best friends with her Peke, Gucci. 
 Gucci passed away in October.   So, Lisa added a sweet puppy to her home.
 Jersey was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, but meds will often help with this.  Unfortunately, they didn't help him long and he passed away last week.
Lisa said Jersey missed his Gucci, and I know that can happen.  He is now with Gucci and so many others who have gone on before him.   Run free now, sweet boy.   You mom will miss you so much.

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LadyJicky said...

What a wonderful full coat Jersey had!!! It was magnificent !!!

Jersey is now with Gucci but he has left a hole in Lisa and her family's heart.

What a handsome man he was.