Friday, February 16, 2018


 Nala and BeeBee are so bonded (a lot like Bella and Simon were).  When we get them this bonded, we really like them to stay together.
 Nala is more outgoing of the two.   But, BeeBee is also know sometimes as "Bossy BeeBee."  😕
 They both have seizure disorders, but I'll do another blog on that later.  Nala is so content being held.
 Nala was in the vet over night so BeeBee hung out with Kai Kai.
 Nala had to go to the vet again yesterday.  Because of a seizure, she was not spayed when BeeBee was two weeks ago.  We needed to get it done.   It was "iffy" since she had another seizure on Tuesday.  But, she was fine this morning, so the vet and I made the decision to do it. 
 It's a good thing!   Nala had hydrometra.  This means that the uterus was full of fluid.  I'd never heard of this.  It can stay "calm" or can move to pyometra, a very dangerous and critical condition that requires immediate spay surgery.   This is a rare condition, so I was very glad we found it.  Because of Nala's seizures, we thought of waiting, but I'm relieved her surgery is now behind us.  She was ready to go home!! (above)  Look at that smile!
 The Sisters were so excited to see each other! 
They are resting at my feet as I write this.  Sweet girls!!


LadyJicky said...

I am so glad they are back together Linda.
Both my girls had pyometra and I am so glad BeeBee surgery went well -- oh she will feel so much better.

Lost Earring said...

That little smile was so cute. I'm glad you made the decision about surgery before it turned much worse. I love this so much and despite this probably making you mad, I'm hoping for a foster failure. I probably deserve 40 whacks for that wish but I'm being honest since it's not possible that I could have these lovely Sisters come home with me.