Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kubie, one of my first Pekingese

This is Kubie, one of my first Pekingese. I had one in high school (our family's dog) named Princess Ginger Blossom, a tiny 5 pound Peke. But, Kubie was my first Peke after I got married. His name was Kubla Khan of Monterey Bay. We were living there when we got him-- such a regal name for such a little dog. I had a Keeshond at the time, but Kubie was the boss.
Kubie was an adorable puppy!! When I had my daughters, Kubie was not thrilled. He was used to being the baby and didn't take well to being one of the group. My oldest daughter called him, "Kubie, I hated that dog." Of course, she NEVER did anything to irritate him! (Oh, yes she did.)
Kubie was a typical Pekingese, not great with small children, but he was one of the family and my girls learned how to treat dogs. Both are still dog lovers, and both have Pekingese!

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Meghann said...

I swear! I never did anything to irritate Kubie-I-hated-that-dog. He just bit my finger for the fun of it, not because I was poking him repeatedly.