Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cherry's Snow Dogs

Cherry lives in NC, and this year, they have been hit with quite a bit of snow. Unusual for the coastal areas. Her dogs are amazed!
Kibbles is enjoying prancing in the snow. He prances all the time!
Tail is down-- boy, it is cold out here! I have to cover every part I can cover!! This is Lovie, her blind Peke. She is saying ,"Get all that wet stuff OFF! Get me outta here!"
Muffin's tummy just slides along the top of the snow. She licks the snow and buries her face in it. It must be her first time experiencing the delight of it.
Weezie on the other hand seems a little miffed about it getting on her nose. "What is this?!" she seems to be saying.
Time to see if there are any treasures in this. "I can handle the cold a few more minutes and then I'm going inside!"

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