Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Fall! Part 2

Cranberry (white) and Scooter loves to check out the leaves that are falling EVERYWHERE!
I love the fall!!
The colors of the trees are beautiful as they change. Here in S.E. Va., fall comes late October/November, so we can really enjoy it. Of course, that also means we have a lot of leaves to rake-- but I don't even care. I LOVE IT!!
Here is our back yard. Usually, it has colorful flowers and shady places to sit. Now, you can hardly see the grass!
Here's our deck-- the leaves are coming down!!
There's leaves on the other side of the fence, too!
Look through the trees-- can you see a Peke anywhere? I can't. They must be somewhere!
I love the colors of the trees. Check tomorrow for more Pekes hiding and playing in the leaves!

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