Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Angel, the Christmas Peke

This is Angel, the Christmas Peke. We got Angel out of a shelter in early December.
Angel has on her new coat to keep her warm. She was a Peke who had a hard life. She just needed a place to be loved and safe.
She has a bad mouth and it was hard for her to eat. But, she loved her foster mom and loved to be held and lay her head on the shoulder of her "mom."
Angel found this little pink bed and made it her own.

We were looking for a miracle for Angel. She was in bad shape and we were not able to save her. She had a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur and her heart was "all over the place". Her Christmas wish was to be safe and loved and we gave her that. For the time we had her, she got the care an imperial princess deserved. She was loved and warm and comfortable .
Now she is a Christmas Angel in heaven. We all miss her, but gave her her wish to be loved and safe and warm. That is what we do for them.
She was in critical shape, but we thought we could make a difference. All we could do was make a difference for a day-- but she received love and care for that day. She died knowing she was greatly loved, even for a short time.

It's what we do in rescue-- love them. If that is just for a few hours or a few months or longer, it's what we do. If we can make them better and then let them go to a new mom/dad, that's what we do. If we cannot heal them, fix them, then we just love them, and for each one of these little precious dogs, it is enough. They have been loved.
This Christmas, we miss the ones we could not save, we continue to help the ones we can. And for all of them, we wish you a blessed Christmas!!
Here is a note from her foster mom, Gloria:
Our Christmas Angel came into PVPC as a stray from a shelter. Angel was extremely sweet and loving and those who met her fell in love. Unfortunately, Angel had been neglected far too long and had far too many health problems by the time we received her. She had one day of finding out how the Imperial Lion Dog is supposed to live and then her poor little heart gave out. In the meantime she had the chance to walk on grass, be warm, be offered good nutritious food, and to choose which of the pink snuggly beds she wished to sleep in and she slept in at least three. As her foster mom I felt honored to have the chance to love her and Angel touched my heart forever.

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