Sunday, December 14, 2008

A note on Angel, the Christmas Peke

So many of us love these little Pekingese. Sometimes, one is in a shelter, and someone knows they can't adopt it (too many already), but they pray that rescue will get the dog or someone will adopt it. A friend of mine saw Angel on Petfinder and knew she needed help. So, my friend prayed! She didn't know what happened to Angel until she saw her on my Peke blog. Here's what she wrote to me--
"I know you know God has His hand in everything, but I wanted to share something with you about an answered prayer. I have looked at Petfinder recently and saw a Peke that just made me want to scoop her up and love her. I knew I couldn't adopt her because I have three already. So I decided that I would offer up prayers for her. Several times I looked at her picture and each time I prayed to God that she would have a loving home or if she was sick that he would welcome her to Heaven. Today I read your Blog and recognized her as Angel, the peke Gloria fostered and loved for one day. Those prayers were heard and answered. I'm so glad for Angel that she knew love and a soft pink bed before she embarked on her new adventure in Heaven."
Angel is spending Christmas in heaven-- what a place to celebrate!

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Anonymous said...

She certainly is a Christmas "Angel".