Friday, March 11, 2011


At my house, we have babies and Pekes. And with babies, you have baby things-- lots of them! Starlight can't figure out how to get into the baby swing, so she just keeps watch below.
She did take over the baby bathtub-- so I put a blanket in it. Now it's the toy box in the laundry room.
"Can I get into the car seat with you? I know we can both fit."
I have a house stroller. I have a car stroller. You have to be prepared with babies. But, Scooter thought the bottom of the stroller was perfect for him.
Look at that smile!
Starlight likes it, too. A double-decker! PERFECT! (As most of you know now, Starlight is partially paralyzed, so she can't hang out with Beach Bit. We hope she'll heal soon!)


lady jicky said...

Such sweet photos!

How is Missy Starlight Linda? I am worried about her.

Tracey said...

Linda, Starlight is in my prayers! I love the pictures.Precious!

emilyp said...

I hope Starlight is resting comfortably now. It took Newman about a month and a half to be 100%..but he was feeling restless at the 2 week mark, lol. It was hard to contain him:)

Karin said...

I wasn't aware of Starlight's injury ~ did I miss it in a previous post? Will she be alright? Ozzie once injured a disc in his neck and was in a lot of pain until the meds began working.
The pictures of Starlight and Scooterbug enjoying the baby equipment are so funny ~ anything to be a part of the pack :)