Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This is a yard stick. I use it just about every day. You know, those old fashioned ones that you used to get at home shows and hardware stores. I use it to clean out under the refrigerator. With dogs, I lost a refrigerator because I didn't realize dog hair was clogging up underneath it and causing it to work harder. Now, every day, I use the yard stick to clean out any dog hair that has migrated under the refrigerator. I'm always amazed how much there is. Okay, I have a lot of dogs, but still! I also use it under other appliances, like the washer and dryer. Try it and let me know what you find. You may keep one next to your refrigerator, too. It's a LOT cheaper than a new refrigerator!


lady jicky said...

I have fluff under my fridge .....I think Moi Moi put it there on purpose!

Rattlesnakechili said...

We have fluff everywhere, and our rescue Tibbie is the worst offender of our three. The yardstick is a nice, inexpensive way to remove fluff from tight spaces. We've purchased special vacuum cleaners and special dusters and special dog hair removers and gatherers. The total cost of cleaning tools and clean up time is miniscule compared to the love, companionship, and happiness our dogs bring us.

Rattlesnakechili said...

We have fluff everywhere -- over, under, and on anything and everything. Our rescue Tibetan Spaniel (which the rescue group told us was a Peke, and whose rescue adoption paperwork said Peke mix, but....) The yardstick is a nice inexpensive tool to remove it. We've also purchased a special vacuum cleaner, special duster for surfaces, special duster for floors, and special dog hair remover for lampshades and upholstery. Nevertheless, the cost of the products and the time it takes to clean up is miniscule compared to the companionship, love, and outright joy brought us by our dogs. What "dogs"? They are angels in furry suits.

Tracey said...

This is the second time in two days that I've been reminded to clean under my fridge! I will do it tonight!!! That is a great idea wtih the yardstick. I have one. Thanks Linda!

Karin said...

Great idea, Linda! I'll start fishing for fluff daily too!