Wednesday, February 1, 2012


When Zoey was going to her new home in Roanoke, her foster mom's great granddaughter (Toni started young!) was there to help. I call her "Blond Bit" in my blogs and she is a firecracker! (She tried to put powder on one of her dogs and there was a container of powder on the floor....she comes up with all kinds of adventures!)

Blond Bit lives with lots of dogs at Toni's house. She is really good with them. Children can learn how to behave with dogs-- it is a learning experience. And it takes time, but dogs and kids can do great together. Little Abigail knows this is true-- she is a small Peke who lives there, too.

Abigail is another one. She's a tiny thing.

Marco is an older boy-- He came into rescue because our club rep couldn't bear to see him at the kill shelter. His condition was deplorable. He was adopted and came back into rescue later and has lived with Toni ever since. He loves her.

And then there is Mitzi. Someone at the vet called to say there was a Peke mix there who needed help. The owner had died-- but when I saw this girl, I couldn't see any Peke in her-- or in her size! But, Toni has a soft spot for the seniors and took her in.

Zoey went into foster care with all Toni and Blond Bit's dogs. Blond Bit was trying to get Zoey to pose for me before I began the transport.

But, Zoey was more interested in something going on in the street.

No matter what Blond Bit did, Zoey wasn't going to let me get a good picture of her face-forward. :-)

This is the best we could do-- but they are both sure cute anyway! I love our little helpers!

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lady jicky said...

I agree - kids do go with dogs but ... you have to tell and show them how :)