Tuesday, December 25, 2012


 Desi is our holiday girl and I love to post pictures  her mom sends me.   Her mom is our Roanoke vet and she's awesome!!  (Harris Animal Hospital, Roanoke, VA).   Desi decided she would let me post her sibling (fosters included) before I showed her pictures.   This is Alastor-- he came into rescue and had almost no chance of survival.  Look at him now!    He has a bad heart murmur, but he was able to have a dental and after that, he gained 2-3 pounds!    He could finally eat without pain.  
 Cassidy wasn't even in the photo shoot, but hey, he wanted a turn and jumped right up for a picture.  You're beautiful!  Or should I say  handsome.
 Oh, there you are, Desi.    I love your outfit, bows and all the berries around you.   You are such a pretty girl.
 Dollar is very festive, too.  Are you going for a sled ride?
 I love the tilt of your head!   Does that mean you like that idea-- is there any snow there to go sledding?  I'm sure your dad will take you if there is.
Pretty Fiona has some of the same mobility problems as my Cranberry, but it doesn't stop her joy-- she is a great little girl.  She's a permanent foster there.
 Oh, Desi, you've changed your outfit.     I know you have a wardrobe full of dresses and your dad had to put in another rod just to hold your clothes.  Are they organized by season and holidays?
 This is a better view-- Poinsettias are always festive at Christmas.
 You are so used to modeling for your mom.
 And now for the outdoor view.
I know Desi and all her friends wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!   

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