Monday, December 24, 2012


 We have so many beautiful Pekes in rescue and who have come through rescue.   I want to show you some of them today and I know that they all wish you a Merry Christmas.     Here's Cosmo who was my first foster dog almost ten years ago.   
Ginny was adopted -- she is absolutely adored in her new family!   
Sweet Odin was one of my fosters and he lives near me now.    I wonder what he thinks of those antlers!  I think they're adorable.
This is my Cranberry-- I've had her since she was a puppy, she wasn't a rescue.   She is over 11 now and is partially paralyzed, but she still gets around.   I love my girl!
You all know Starlight!     My little "attitude" girl.    She came into rescue and everyone was afraid of her-- she trusted us.  She came from abuse, but is totally spoiled now.
Max is also mine-- no one adopted him when he came to me as a foster in 2009.   He is a great toy, will "sit pretty" and loves his toys.    He stayed when no one had adopted him after a year.
 Maizie is currently in foster care in N.Va.   She's a sweetheart.
 Pudge is ready for a home, too.     He's being fostered in Md.    He goes to work every day with his foster mom.
Maddie came to us because we were told she was a Peke.  NOT! But, she was adopted quickly and still gets to visit her foster mom in Richmond.
Here's Penny-- she's in foster care, but I think her foster mom is going to keep this sweet one!

 Sassy Marie has her antlers on, too.   They look like a "W" on her head-- it  must mean wonderful!
 Maddy lives in Maryland now.  His parents were looking for a younger dog, but when they met him, it was love at first sight!
 Brandy was one of the Bristol 18 dogs.   She was in horrible shape, but look at this beauty now.  She sure does love her Mom!
Camden is Brandy's brother.   He loves to get under the Christmas tree.   Look like a great place to watch for Santa.   Are you ready, Camden?  Have you been good?      I bet you all have, and Santa will be extra good to you this year.       WE ALL WISH YOU A WONDERFUL AND JOYFUL CHRISTMAS!

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lady jicky said...

Merry Christmas to all at PVPC from the "girls" in Australia - Oz !

Its Christmas Morning here in Oz ( 7.14 ) and Moi Moi is stuffing the turkey while Coco is mixing up a Champagne Cocktail to get things going in the right spirit!!!

* Oh yes, they are "Cooking Peke's" - their Cook Book and DVD will be out this time next year! LOL

Love to you ALL !!!! Woof!