Thursday, December 10, 2015


Huri (Hurricane) saw the vet on Tuesday along with Joyful.   Huri (and his brother Seminole) came into rescue in very bad condition.   We did all we could to correct their medical issues, but they condition took a toll on their long term health.  
Huri's kidneys are starting to fail, and he is losing weight.    He does sleep a lot.  He is at least 13 years old now.
He is being given all the care we can give him-- his foster mom, Sherry, is just wonderful.  
Daisy, her other foster, has been encouraging sweet Huri.  She seems to know he needs a little extra love.
"I'm right here, little friend."
His eyes are still bright, and his coat is soft.  
We hope with the meds, he will perk up some, and begin to eat more.   As foster moms/dads, we just about stand on our heads trying to get them to eat-- we have a lot of things we try!
In the meantime, Huri is being loved on and kept comfortable.
We hope he has a wonderful Christmas this year-- we'll do all we can for that to happen.   

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lady jicky said...

I am sending prayers to sweet Huri !!!!