Sunday, December 27, 2015


Christmas Pekes are still around-- the day  may be over, but Christmas spirit is still here.   Margie's cute group is looking to see if Santa might make one more stop.  (Maybe even a fly-over to drop a few more gifts.)
Tipperary has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but his mom and dad sent his picture to me.   I had to share.
His parents now own Doolin-- a cute little bundle!  (Or does he own them?)
Friends of mine are with Peke rescue in California-- and this is Peke CEO Timmy.
He is so cute-- he even dressed up as an elf!
 Bobby has his festive collar on for the day.   Just adorable!
 I think Coltrane slept the day away.   That's what some of mine did.
 Diva Pearl-- what can I say.  She is stunning.    She is a professional model and has so many outfits and scenes to be photographed in.   And she is sweet, too!   I have to say, we have beautiful Pekes all around us!
 Maggie is Bobby's sister.    Are you making a face at us?    (Maggie was one of my fosters, and I love to be able to follow their lives!)   It's been seven years since she was here!
 Max was also one of my fosters-- he's 12 now!   And he is still the sweet boy he always was.
 Tucker posed for a Christmas picture with Santa.   I bet Christmas was the best day for him!
 And sweet Tyler-- oh my, this one has always stolen my heart.  His mom knows that and always shares pictures with me.  He lives in California now, and his mom does rescue there.   (CEO Timmy helps run the rescue-- his picture is above.)   I'm sure Tyler helps all he can.
I had to post Yodi one more time.   I think he may still be dreaming of Santa-- it was a wonderful Christmas for him with his own home and love.   That's what rescue is about-- helping them to find that.   Seeing all these Pekes in their homes is  just the best present! 

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lady jicky said...

Everyone is so cute .... I just want to squeeze them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!