Saturday, July 18, 2009

Maxwell and Tyler-- Hollywood Dogs Again

I saw this video on and thought it was so funny. Hope you will enjoy it, too.

Click here: YouTube - Why email was invented (Funny Dogs)
Lisa sent me some new pictures of Maxwell and Tyler. She said all the boys got their summer cuts this week, and then they celebrated by getting all cuddley-face on the couch.
She said, "I'm mad at them today. They stole a whole box of French fries off an end table when I wasn't watching. Maxwell obviously thought he wasn't allergic to them!!" Maxwell has a lot of allergies! But, sometimes, he just can't help himself!! He HAD to have something that's not on his special diet. I'm with him-- I would have stolen the french fries, too.


lady jicky said...

Naughty ones will be naughty ones! LOL

Karin said...

How funny!