Monday, July 13, 2009


Craig and Sylvia have adopted two Pekes from us-- sweet Joshua and Cocoa/Jimmy. They are incredible loving Peke owners.
A friend of theirs works at a shelter near them. Craig and Sylvia were told about a Peke who was picked up by animal control. He was picked up over July 4th week-end-- remember how fireworks can terrify a dog? (see July 4 blog)
Craig and Sylvia just knew someone was missing their sweet boy-- he was found with a leash and collar on. And his name was on a tag on his collar (but not his address, and no microchip). If he had had a microchip, his owner could have been located. If he had a city tag, or address, his owner could have been located.
He was up for adoption or release to rescue within THREE DAYS-- that's not long at all. The owner could be on vacation. So, Craig went to get the dog-- whose name was Ziggy. He was timid, and had a few knots on him, but he wasn't in bad shape. (All Pekingese have an amazing ability to get knots on them!)
A few hours later, the shelter received a call from Ziggy's owner. If anyone but Craig had picked him up and adopted him, they would not have been able to get him back. A new adopter could have said, "I'm keeping the dog." But, due to Craig and Sylvia's diligence, Ziggy is now back with his family. He's not in the shelter, he's not in a strange home, he is safe and back where he is loved.

Craig and Sylvia, you are my heroes!!!

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lady jicky said...

I am so glad Ziggy found his owners. Micro chipping is such a great modern thing to do with our animals. Its a "must do"!!