Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starlight and the Grand Girls

Everyone who has read my blog knows about Starlight. She is the beautiful Peke that came into foster care almost a year and a half ago. She scared away every potential adopter with her "baby cujo" impersonation. She was abused, and was just afraid of everyone except for her foster parents.
She doesn't LOOK scary. :-)
Look at that face! My grand girls were visiting this past week-end. I told them not to touch Starlight-- and of course, I watch the girls AND Starlight (and the rest of the Pekes here) to make sure all were safe, especially the girls!
We were in the study and Starlight came up to the girls-- I told them, "Do not reach out to her. Just keep your hands in your lap."
But, Starlight was very curious about the little people who were visiting again. They looked pretty nice-- and friendly and safe.
So, she climbed in one of their lap's and gave her a big lick!
And then she checked out the younger one. (Max was watching, too!)
She really liked these little people. She began giving lots of kisses.
I think there's another kiss/lick coming! I was so proud of Starlight! She's come a long way!!


Jeanne said...

What a pretty little peke. And so are the grand kids. What a nice treat for Starlight to be able to have more friends.

Tracey said...

LOL.. I love your nickname for Starlight - "baby cujo" .. we LOVE Pollyanna to death but her nickname is "kid vicious"..haha.. I am VERY careful with her around little people that visit. And, always ask them to let her come check them out. So far so good. She just needs extra time to warm up to them. Your grandgirls are beautiful!

Karin said...

That is soo sweet and funny!! Love it! Your granddaughters are irresistable, even to "Cujo peke":)
Your granddaughters did so well letting Starlight approach them on her own terms.

Pekiegirl said...

My Yoshi did the same thing to a friend of mine's baby. I guess little ones aren't very intimidating! They're not as threatening as an adult might seem.

lady jicky said...

I keep my eye out like a hawk when my grandson comes around. I do have to put Kenzo outside for he is a atomic puppy and wants to puppy play and my grandson is only 13 months.
Very good idea to tell the girls to keep their hands in their laps ( I will do this when my grandson gets older) and let Miss Starlight take it at her own time. It sure worked Linda!
All three of them are so pretty!