Friday, September 18, 2009

Taina and Pepe

Alicia is a new email friend in Florida. Her Mom applied for and adopted one of our Pekes.
This is Pepe. His Mohawk is his trademark! Isn't that cute-- just makes me smile!
And this is Taina-- her Peke/Tibetan Spaniel. She is only 7 months old-- look at that smile!


lady jicky said...

Taina has a lovely smile but .... Its Pepe and his "do" that gets me going!!!!!! LOL
He needs some bling around his neck and he would be the Pekingese World's MR. T!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that Mohawk is gorgeous!

Karin said...

Pepe's mohawk is too funny and Taina is just precious.
OK, I guess I haven't been paying close attention because I thought only Virginia residents could qualify to adopt your pekes because of the home inspections, etc.

Tracey said...

Love the Mohawk!!! So cute!

Linda said...

Karin, these two weren't adopted from us. We adopt in Virginia, Maryland and some areas of NC. :-)