Monday, November 2, 2009

Missy, BB and Anna

Our rescue group ( has just taken in over 15 dogs in the lst week and a half. I'm going to introduce some to you over the next few weeks.

This is Missy-- I just got her from a Maryland shelter. I know she belonged to someone-- you can just tell. She is tiny at 9 pounds, but needs to gain a little.
I keep a playpen in my room for new fosters (or those recovering from surgery). It keeps them close while I get to know them.
Missy and Anna are ready for the night.
BB/Bianca (on the right) is here with Starlight (one of my "foster failures.") Starlight is NOT her best friend! haha
Scooter is one of her best friends! Scooter is everyone's best friend. He's a GREAT dog!
BB is very timid-- a puppy mill dog who must have gone through a lot of trauma. She's making tiny steps though. I got her to sit by me and let me rub her back-- HUGE step! With puppy mill dogs, you just never know if they will trust people-- but time heals a lot if people are patient with them.
Here she is greeting Missy, who just came. Missy just came home from the vet and is a little groggy from being sedated. BB greets every dog who comes! She thinks it's her job. :-)
Scooter is her best friend here. Then again, she loves playing with all of them! She loves to be outside and is often sitting on the deck. If Scooter and Max are out there, it's even better! Maybe they will hear something, take off, and she can run with them. She loves to run and see what is going on.
Isn't she cute!
This is Anna. She was in a Balitmore shelter for two weeks. I tried to find someone to take her, but every group is so full. I heard she was the workers' favorite up at the shelter and she got a lot of attention. But, she needed medical help-- and I just said, "I'll take her." I'm so glad I did. She has a funny jaw (part of her lower jaw is missing) and she's blind in one eye-- but wow, this is the sweetest little dog. She is so loving, and if I didn't have so many already, I'd keep her! When she is healthy and her hair grows back in (she had a lot of fleas), she is going to be so cute. My son in law really likes her-- and he's a big dog person!
Here she is in a bed Miss Shanyn gave her. I sometimes call Anna Funny Face, after the movie-- not a bad thing, since Audrey Hepburn was in the movie and she's beautiful! This little Peke is darling.
She loves her pink bed that Gloria gave her. It's just her size! She has a pink collar that my friends got her--they helped to get her out of the shelter and meet me in Maryland. THANK YOU AGAIN!!
I took a video of Anna and BB playing. It's so cute! I hope you enjoy it!
Click here: YouTube - PekesBBanna


lady jicky said...

I love them all Linda and I could just see Kenzo zooming in on that doggy game going on there! LOL

claudine hellmuth said...

Love the video! Anny looks so happy in her pink bed. And the play pen is too sweet!! Wishing Anna all the best in her surgery!!

Karin said...

They are all precious! I can tell they like their new surroundings. The playpen set-up is cute AND practical.
The video was great. Anna is so endearing with her little "floppy" jaw.