Monday, November 9, 2009

Trio and Arbie/Treat Warning

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Georgia, now Trio, was adopted last month. She's really acclimated to her new home. She even decided that her new mom couldn't go on a trip without her! She's firmly sitting on the suitcase!
She has become BEST friend with her new sister, Arbie, a Peke-Spaniel mix. Aren't they cute together.
They love to curl up together. Snuggling with a friend is the best!
Look at these sweet faces!
They're sound asleep.
But, sometimes they just hang out on the couch, one on top and one on the cushions. Trio has taken over Arbie's space--- but Arbie is okay with it. She loves her new sister.
They sleep on the bed together, too. It's a good thing it's a big bed!
Look at this face-- she can look so sad-- but trust me, she's a HAPPY GIRL now!
One more couch picture! Arbie is back in her spot and Trio is content to sleep on the cushions. They can run in the yard together or just hang out-- Trio is so happy in her new home.
Trio (Georgia) loves her new big sister, Arbie. She has to be near her all the time-- and Arbie just loves it. Trio gets to go on walks and really enjoys them. I love happy adoption stories!!


lady jicky said...

There is alot of sleeping going on there! LOL
How wonderful they both get on so well and its lovely to see a happy peke story!

claudine hellmuth said...

the pic of them melts my heart! after a rough week for us it bring a smile on my face to see these wonderful doggies so happy!!

Karin said...

How sweet ~ and they love being close. My own dogs don't even get along anywhere near that nicely. Sometimes I think they just tolerate each other and compete for the food dish and attention.
How kind of Arbie to share his wonderful home with Trio.