Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was going through my old emails (I save a lot of rescue emails!). I found a letter written by one of our foster dogs who was adopted in 2006. I can't believe it's been four years.
Maxwell and Tyler now live in California, but they used to live near Blacksburg, VA. Talk about a climate and culture change! They live in a loft in Hollywood now and ride an elevator to go outside.
Tyler is so sweet!! He was from a group of hoarded dogs we took into rescue. What a precious boy. He has one of those faces you just want to kiss.
This is Maxwell. He was also adopted from our group. They couldn't have better parents than Lisa and Andy.
Here, they were helping Andy pack boxes. I'm sure they were a tremendous help!
Here they are sorting paperwork== Pekingese are so intelligent that they can do it quickly. Tyler sent me a letter-- almost four years ago! But, when I read it, I had to share it with you. I'm probably share more of these. They are just too great not to share! Enjoy!

It's cold!!! I like to go outside in my yard, but it's cold!!! My usual plan is to stay outside as long as I can to run around and bark at the neighbor dogs. But when it's cold, I don't want to be out! ChubbyLady (my mom) says we are going to go to Petco to find a "nonhumiliating" sweater for me. I believe all sweaters to be humiliating. But it's cold!!! Then Chubby mommy gets impatient says "pee, already, would you?" Max is a goody two-shoes and pees right away.
Chubbymommy and I still argue about who is in charge of the furniture. I am in charge!! She says "I pay your bills." Ha. But I like the best spots! And what are these bills things? When she moves me, then I get to sit on her lap sometimes, and it's really warm on her lap. And soft. So I just growl because I don't want somebody to move me and stuff me in a crate, but maybe that won't happen since it hasn't. Sometimes SkinnyGuy picks me up and that is a little scary. He's much taller than everybody else and it's far to the ground.
I bark at them when I want to go outside, but I still tinkle on places in the new house to mark them. And there's all this antique furniture stuff coming in all the time!! OTHER DOGSES have been around it. I HAVE to mark it. I HAVE TO. How else will they know it's MINE if I don't? ChubbyLady doesn't like it when I do that. I try to remember but they don't watch me as closely as they should because I am *really* smart and slip off.
We are doing ok.
My new thing is to wait for Chubbylady to sit down on the couch. Then I jump on the couch really fast and run all the way up from her lap right under her nose and try to sit on her. That way, she knows I love her!!! And other stinkies can't have her lap.
PS FROM MAXWELL: ChubbyLady's boss said I nipped him but I DIDN'T!! I was just THINKING about nipping him. There's a difference. ChubbyLady says her boss probably deserves to get nipped. So I was just helping!!! Not that I was nipping. Now whenever anybody comes in, ChubbyLady picks me up and tucks me on her hip and I have to wait there until she thinks I'm not in the mood to nip anybody. Then I get to get down and be friends. She thinks I get wound up barking with Tyler, which might make me nip. I keep telling her I only nip bosses. Today I was very very good and sat on her lap and let a kid pet my head. See? No nipping.

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lady jicky said...

I am so glad these two went to a lovely home!