Saturday, February 19, 2011


Cosmo was my first foster dog and I love the updates on him. He was in terrible shape and came a long way in the month I had him, but he became a stunning Peke after he was adopted and continued to get healthier. I fostered him almost 8 years ago and now he's eight years older (funny how that works!).

I'm now seeing my former foster dogs getting some gray on them--

Cosmo has a new "grandchild." She is getting big now. She lives there, too, and sometimes Pekes don't want to be bothered by little fingers.

So, his mom bought this playpen. I had some for sale to raise money for my granddog's eye surgery and they bought one of them (THANK YOU!). I'm not sure who will be in it, dogs or child. It works for both. :-)

I have one in the nursery upstairs that is for my grandchild. (Notice I put the bumper pad at the top so no suffocation danger-- just a tip here.)

I think the grandchild is in this one at Cosmo's house. They put netting around it to keep little fingers from getting nipped. Some Pekes are great with kids, but Cosmo has been THE BABY along with his Peke brother Winston, and so it's good to have a safety spot when you can't watch every baby movement.

Cosmo is so cute-- I'm so glad I still get updates!


lady jicky said...

I just love that last photo - cosmo is free but the baby is in jail! LOL

Karin said...

Cosmo is beautiful! How long have you been doing rescue, Linda?

emilyp said...

So cute! And that is great advice. we are definitely planning on that when baby is born..Newmie will want to play with baby ALL the time, lol.

Linda said...

I've been doing Pekingese rescue for almost eight years.